Pollination Contracts

Posted on Sunday 26 December 2010

Post your contact info here if you are in need of honeybees for pollination contracts for Spring 2011

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Small Hive Beetles:Effective & Efficient Traps

Posted on Monday 9 November 2009

Let’s hear about your experiences with the various methods for treating SHB.¬† Tell us which one’s you think work and which don’t.

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Varroa Mite treament: Food grade mineral oil (FGMO) applied with an insect fogger

Posted on Sunday 8 November 2009

Ok, a few days ago a Georgia State Apiary inspector recommended the use of FGMO applied with an insect fogger for treatment of varroa mites. He was very optimistic about it. So I went out, spent about $75 (to include the mineral oil at Walmart) on a insect fogger from Lowes. I must admit it was¬†somewhat enjoyable watching the smoke go into my hives and thinking “Yeah MITES!! GET SOME!!” thinking in my mind how the mites would suffer as the FGMO hit them. But now, I have found information from the USDA saying that it doesnt work “Food grade mineral oil (FGMO) applied with an insect fogger was evaluated for varroa mite control in honey bee colonies by comparison to an industry standard, coumaphos strips, and an untreated control group (eight colonies per treatment group). During the six-week test period, the Varroa populations increased in untreated colonies and those treated with FGMO, while those treated with coumaphos strips decreased greatly and, consequently, averaged 96.1 to 99.4% fewer Varroa than the untreated colonies at the end of the test period, by the alcohol wash and sticky board methods, respectively. In addition to providing no control for Varroa, FGMO applied in an insect fogger may pose a fire and/or health hazard to beekeepers and bees.” http://www.ars.usda.gov/research/publications/Publications.htm?seq_no_115=169445

So, now that it’s ‘Scientifically’ been proven to NOT work, I’m left disappointed and hoping that ARS is wrong. Any comments?

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Beekeeping equipment

Posted on Sunday 8 November 2009

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Posted on Sunday 8 November 2009

Welcome to HBN Beekeeping Forums. Due to the overwhelming recommendations from our readers, we’ve finally gotten around to implementing this functionality. Please be courteous and enjoy!!

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